Affilted Sports, Luc, Jean-Baptiste , Sébastien , Julien , Bastien And Arnaud Honor us to test our products. It is thanks to the many land tests and their requirement that we design our products, combining our know-how in our constant search for innovation. It is with the help of our ambassadors we design technical clothes for demanding hunters

A French sportsman, Luc Alphand's sporting record is written both on the slopes and in mechanical sports: In 1995 he won the downhill world cup. In 1996 Luc won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Sierra Nevada in downhill and winner of the World Cup downhill, Super G and overall in 1997, He was also French downhill champion eight times between 1985 and 1997, combined and super G in 1988. He began a new sporting career as a racing driver, in 2005 where he won the Tunisian rally and then in 2006 he won the Paris-Dakar.

Sebastien Amiez says "Bastoune", is a French alpine skier. Great Slalom specialist, he integrates the group of the France team in 1993, he won the silver medal at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, the silver medal at the 1997 World Championships and the Globe Slalom crystal in 1996. Finally, in 2007, at 34, he announced his sporting retreat and his desire to embark on the business world.

French Alpine Skier, Jean-Baptiste Grange wins a bronze medal at the World Championships 2007. At the end of the 2008 season, he finished second in the slalom classification in the World Cup . Winner of the Slalom World Cup in 2009 and Double World Champion of Slalom in 2011 and 2015. He is the only French skier to have won two world titles in slalom, and the first French to be sacred World Ski Champion Alpine Since 1982.

Son of a high mountain guide and a ski instructor, Julien Lizeroux starts skiing very early. At 7 years old. He joined the France team at 19 and won his first title of Champion of France is 20 years old. The French skier stands out at the highest level from the end of 2006. Chainning several wins and podiums in the European Cup and wins its place among the fifteen world specialists in the slalom. It was in 2009 that it reaches the 2nd World Slalomer Square and 9th World Skier in the General Standing.

He won his first international medal in the 2013 Worlds in finishing second in the final. At the approach of the 2014 Sochi Games, Bastien Midol gets injured as a result of a severe fall in the world. In 2015, he climbs for the first time on the podium in the World Cup by ranking third in Arosa.It won his first World Cup victory in 2016 in Bokwang in South Korea. He is Sacred French Champion of Skicross 2018. EN2019, with 7 podiums including 2 wins, thus realizing his best season, he is engaging the crystal globe of Skicross.