Waterproof membrane

*20000 / 20000

*10000 / 10000

*5000 / 5000


Drops of water stays on the surface thanks to a surface treatment of the material

Windproof membrane

Allows the body to keep its temperature by avoiding the air currents


It is essential to feel comfortable to practice in good conditions. You will find in our range of stretch and bi-stretch 4 ways to guarantee you a perfect freedom of movement.

Synthetic insulation

An alternative to the feather, with a strong thermal power


Allows the body to evacuate perspiration

Big legete

Lightweight and strongly compressible


garment that can be worn side indoor or exterior


Specially designed to push mosquitoes (including tigers mosquitoes), mosquito treatment guarantees perfect protection.

Our treatment is natural, durable and remains effective even after a multitude of washes. .


Designed for sustainable protection (up to a hundred washing), our anti-ticking products guarantee perfect protection.

Our permethrin-based treatment allows us to ensure optimal protection, preventing diseases transmitted by ticks, such as Lyme disease.