Whether in cold weather, hot, ventant or rainy, if you have decided to go hunting nothing should prevent you from it, and especially not a bad equipment!

Rainwear must bring a high level of protection while ensuring comfort and good freedom of movement.

Rainwear should not cause precipitation.

Stagunt offers you a must-see range that allows you to practice all hunting actions in the best conditions thanks to membrane and breathable products.

Our materials are stretch, non-noisy and our cups adapted to a sports practice that will allow great freedom of movement and absolute comfort during hunting actions.

distinction between waterpressure and membrane

First of all, distinguish between a waterproofing and membranated garment.

A waterproofing garment will protect you from a light rain over a short period compared to a membranated garment that will protect you from severe rain.

Attention, whether it's a water-repellent or membranated garment, a rainball will not allow you to stay in the rain several hours.

On a membrane garment, seams and zips are sealed unlike a waterproofing garment or water will slide only on the fabric that can seam into the seams.


If you are looking for a total tightness, we advise you to go on membrane jackets with seams and waterproof zips.

The isolation of waterproof jackets has a disadvantage, breathability. The membrane will allow the water not to infiltrate the detriment of the breathability of the fabric.

If you are looking for a jacket to put in a low rain and breathable, we advise you to go on a rowded jacket.

A sticker cloth will protect you from the drizzle and circulate the air. The advantage is therefore more comfort and no excessive heat.

The disadvantage of the repellent fibers is unfortunately the fact that under a strong rain, the rain will pass.

Do not forget the hood! We advise you to equip yourself with jackets with a hood. The hood allows you to protect yourself from bad weather and cover your head so as not to let the water infiltrate in your neck.

Stagunt offers several jackets according to your needs

Removers: Soft Game , Actistretch and Fox

Waterproof Jackets: Hardtrack and Sumi 2

The surveys:

If you do not want to equip yourself with a waterproof or waterproof jacket, the alternative solution is the surcharge.

It is wearing over a jacket and allows you to be protected in case of rain.

It is advisable to choose a size above its usual size.

Stagunt offers the Thunder . Lightweight, versatile and waterproof jacket, it is used as well as a jacket and surveys.


The choice of pants is also very important depending on the climatic conditions.

In rainy weather, we recommend waterproof or repeater pants.

Just like the choice of your jacket, it will depend on your need.

Dressing trousers will not have seamless seams and water will pierce the fabric. He will have a good breathability.

A waterproof pants will be less breathable but its waterproof seams and hermetic zips will isolate you from the rain.

Stagunt offers you the pasteling pants Actistretch .

Two waterproof pants are available: the Wildtrack and peisey

The neck towers:

To protect your neck, the neck tower is the ideal and indispensable accessory.

It allows you to protect your neck from the cold and bad weather.

You can also cover your nose and mouth.

Stagunt offers you the Camoo neck tower in 3 colors.

December 15, 2021