Maintain his hunting clothes is not always a thin business.

It is advisable to maintain its clothes to extend their life.

To meet the requirements of cynegetic practice, each garment is thought and manufactured with technical tissues.

The clothes are breathable, windbreaker, waterproofing, waterproof or insulating and it is for these reasons they must require a particular interview.

1 era thing to do : Follow the washing instructions noted on the garment label.

Even if this trick seems banal, by habit we do not think enough to look at the label.

Stagunt has developed its labels for each garment, thus respecting the materials used.

You will find below the meaning of the maintenance icons:

2 ème important point : Avoid to clean them too often.

A cloth can often replace a washing. For example for leather or waterproof clothing, it is sometimes possible to avoid machine passage if you have small tasks.

Put soach water in a container. Take a clean cloth, soak it in the container and then spin down to remove the surplus of water. Gently rub the tasks of your garment. Let it dry on a hanger.

If they are mud tasks, let the mud dry and gently rub with a brush before performing the operation described above.

If your clothes feel bad, you can put them on a hanger outside to aerate them.

If the smell is always present, the machine passage will be necessary.

3 ème point : if the Machine massage is necessary.

If your garment has tasks or smell that does not leave, machine washing is recommended.

To do this, here is a tip to protect your garment: Buttons buttons, close the zippers, close Velcro® fasteners (scratchs) and put the garment upside down.

You will protect your garment because the surface will not touch the drum of the machine.

For hunting, we advise you to avoid fragrant laundry, opt for an odorless laundry or a weak smell like Marseille soap.

After your washing, prefer drying on a hanger or flat. If you use washing machine drying, do not exceed 800 turns, it can damage your garment.

How to Remove Blood on Hunting Clothes?

Blood tasks are part of the most common tasks on hunting clothing.

If you have a blood task, clean it as soon as possible to get rid of easily.

To remove the task, rinse your garment (where the task is located) with ice water. Rub the task with a clean sponge (soft part of the sponge).

If the task persists, repeat the operation by adding a handle of salt into the water. The salt will allow the task to dissolve.

Attention, never use hot water to make a blood task disappear. Hot water will heat the task and you will not be able to remove it anymore.

Waterproof clothing or with membrane

Board for waterproof clothing or membrane.

If the washing is needed, we recommend handhing by hand or machine washing with a delicate program.

Allow the garment to the open air, on a hanger or flat.

What should never be done when laving an impermeable garment or with membrane

  • Iron the garment, it can abimate it
  • Add softener during machine washing. The softener will reduce the impermeability of your garment
  • Add a rinse product during machine wash. This could stop the pores of the membrane
  • put the garment in a tumble dryer
  • Wash your laundry beyond 800 turns. Too much spinning can damage your garment.
  • Store your garment if it is not dry yet. It is better to store your garment when it is completely dry.