In cold weather, any hunter must be equipped with adapted clothes.

Whether hunting, at the post or approach, hunting in winter with low or negative temperatures becomes difficult if your equipment is not suitable.

Stagunt offers you a range of special clothes cold weather with jackets, jackets, pants and accessories that will allow you to hunt even with extreme temperatures!

We will entrust you a secret, to have a maximum of heat in winter it takes ... good insulation!

The principle of insulation is the superposition of the layers of clothes that will imprison air layers and keep your body heat.


You will need a natural down or hollow fiber quilted vest, which imprisoned the air to isolate it from the cold.

The vest must combine lightness, windbreaker and waterproof.

For better insulation, the latter must be worn close to the body, on a fine clothing.

Stagunt offers a suitable vest for women and a suitable vest for men.

Discover the Acti Heat Man and the Vest Woman.

jackets / jackets:

The choice of your jacket is very important because it is the last layer of clothing to put.

Your jacket must play multiple roles: weather protection, wind protection, comfortable and above all hot.

Your jacket or jacket must also have a breathable membrane in order to evacuate perspiration.

We will tell you about 3 not negligible details to identify the jacket you need. 1 / The hood

To fight against the cold, the presence of a hood on your jacket or your jacket is indispensable.

The hood covers you wind, rain and well on cold. It is essential for having good insulation. She will protect your head and especially your ears of the cold.

2 / Sleeves

On your jacket or jacket, do not hesitate to check the bottom of your sleeves. We advise you to take a garment with the bottom of sleeves with an elastic or a pressure tightening.

Block the entrance of the air and the cold on your wrists allows you to reinforce the insulation of your body.

3 / The clamping cords

The tightening cord at the bottom of your garment allows you additional insulation.

The cord will also help keep your jacket in order to have the upper body completely hermetic.

Watering Treatment

The clothes with a storing membrane allow you to not undergo the water.

The water repellent the water allows the water to flow on the textile.

The water "slides" on the fabric and breathability is preserved.

Waterproof treatment is not made to resist immersion or sustained rains.

Stagunt offers two models of clothes.

The reversible jacket Alaskan and the Game 3EN1 jacket.


After choosing a good equipment on the top of the body, you have to go down!

In cold weather, we advise you to opt for quilted or lined pants to keep the heat at best.

Just as for choosing your jacket, your pants must be breathable to let the perspiration escape to not feel a feeling of cold due to inner humidity.

The small plus on your pants is located at the level of the size.

To avoid passing the cold and the air down the back, it is recommended to have a pants with a rising back belt.

Stagunt advises the Game pants.

the neck towers:

To protect your cold neck, the neck tower is the ideal and indispensable accessory.

It allows you to protect your neck from the cold.

You can also cover your nose and mouth.

Stagunt offers you the Camoo neck tower in 3 colors.


Small advice: The cold is first felt at the ends, protect your head! It's 30% of calorific losses when we are not covered.

Stagunt advises you to equip yourself with the reversible cap Tonio.

December 14, 2021